Midleton CBS Organising STEAM Night

The Science, Technology, Engineering, Apprenticeships and Maths night takes place in the secondary school’s sports hall at 7pm on Thursday 24th October @ 7pm.

On the night there will be guest speakers from the world of industry, stands from   CIT, UCC, SOLAS, WOMEN IN STEM; & companies such COBOTS & DELL. Uniquely there will also be around 20 past pupils from the school who are either studying in courses such as BIS, Engineering or Maths in college, past pupils who are working with Maths, Engineering, Science/ or as APPRENTICES.

The event is the brainchild of 2 past pupils of the CBS; Jack Enright who is studying Mathematical Sciences in UCC, and Dylan Casey who is studying Biomedical Sciences which is run jointly by UCC/CIT. Jack and Dylan felt that students weren’t aware of the world of opportunities that the STEM sector offers. They approached members of staff Deirdre Nash (Guidance), Brendan Wall & Tim Collins (Construction and Technology teachers) with a view to running a STEM CAREERS EVENING. As Midleton CBS runs a Further Education Programme in 5th yr with emphasis on Apprenticeships the organising team broadened out the event to encompass apprenticeships too.

Thank you to the organising team of asking us to be involved in the night and thanks also to Midleton Park Hotel for their support with the event.

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